About The Band

The Brian James Quartet is a soul jazz band from Providence, RI. Their high energy music incorporates vast collective musical backgrounds in jazz, rock, funk, and R&B; the energy of the music is infectious and will reach all audiences. The group has built a high energy, eclectic stable of original compositions and covers of great acts like Billy Cobham, Stanton Moore, Lettuce, even The Beatles, Hendrix, and Zeppelin.

The Brian James Quartet is excited to announce the release of their debut album Lower Nine. The independent album is scheduled to be released on January 5, 2018. The songs on Lower Nine were inspired by a series of trips to New Orleans working on homes in the efforts to rebuild after Hurricane Katrina. The title track was inspired by the Lower Ninth Ward, the area hardest hit by the devastating storm and the floods left in its wake. The songs were inspired by the resiliency and spirit of the great people of New Orleans.

The Brian James Quartet has performed throughout Southern New England at venues in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Most notably, the band has headlined for sell-out crowds at RI’s legendary jazz club Chan’s.



Brian Brouillard, Saxophones


Seth Hajian, Guitar


Mike Jacobs, Drums and Percussion


Jeff DiIorio, Bass


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